3-Piece Triangular Cut

Updated 17th May 2013

Border Design with number 2

Right-Angled and 1 Isosceles Triangle


Length = 1/2 neck circumference + shoulder slope + length from shoulder
            = 1/2 <=============> + <==========> + <=============>

Width  = actual width of your fabric.

A length of fabric is cut into 3 pieces.  These pieces are then joined at the apex.  2 lengths of fabric yield 6 pieces to make up part of a circle.  The finished size depends on the original width of fabric.

cutting fabric into 2 right-angled and 1 isosceles triangles
3 triangles
triangles joined to form part of circle
after joining triangles
after folding, it forms a cone
after folding

After asssembly, the cloak will become a conical cloak.  Read about the conical cloak and see if it is suitable for the style you have chosen.