My Hooded Cape


side view of hood side view of hood's lining

The hood was designed to join the cape at an acute angle to help it stay on the head better.

The lining was generously pleated as a fashion accent; the end cut off to reduce bulk and gathered with a hole to allow a fishing weight through to set the drape when not in use.

Other than that, you can secretly stash cash or maybe that note from that lecher down the road because you haven't quite finished giggling at it yet!

Arm Slits

Arm slits located within a joint using the bound cloth buttonhole method.  A simpler method can also be used.

right-side view of arm slit close-up view of arm slit view of arm slit on the wrong side

Right side:
The ends are strengthened using fine zig-zag stitches.

Wrong side: I finished the slit by hand stitching to make it less visible. You may want to make the slit visible by using contrasting colours or thin leather/suede for a rugged look.


front opening-wrong side pieces are joined with french seams

French seam used to join pieces rather than overlocking to reduce snagging, for a neat appearance and to withstand frequent laundering.  The bottom hem is bought bias binding.  A self-made bias binding of the same fabric would make the hem bulky.

To hide and protect 'beadwork' stitches, a wide front facing was applied.  A wide facing allows the fabric to drape better.  Weights placed in the hem can also be used to achieve this.

Arthur's Cape

An easy beginner's cape
Cape is made up of 4 pieces with a back seam and two located at the shoulders.  The shoulders are shaped.  French seams are used to join pieces.

Hem is self-folded.   Using bias-binding will reduce the crinkling of hems i.e. if you aren't bothered about period authenticity. The openings has wider hems for better drape.

Neck opening seemed to be faced with bias-cut fabric attached from the wrong side and folded over to the right side.

Beaded Embroidery

pocket with beaded embroidery front opening is embroidered with beadsdouble stitched pocket for strength

Beaded embroidery on pocket located below the shoulder using thread, glass beads and semi-precious stones.  Some of the beads and threads are close to the colour of the hood lining BUT you know the computer does not show true colours.

The pocket is double-stitched for strength and to support the weight of beads.  Thick interfacing used for the opening to stop pocket from sagging.


tassel made from crystalsfresh-water pearls and Swarovski crystals used to make the hat pin

I made a crystal tassel to help the hood drape better.

A hat pin to keep the hood on for windy days or as a lapel pin. I had it made at a custom jewellery shop using Swarovski crystals and fresh-water pearls.  The pin is a darning needle!