Triangular Cut - 2 Right-Angled Triangles


1/2 neck circumference + shoulder slope + length from shoulder.
1/2 <============> + <=========> + <=============>

A length of fabric is cut into 2 triangles.  The method of cutting must be correct.  Set A must mirror Set B.  I have labelled the pieces with coloured suns so you may see better.

2 sets to mirror each other for this methodflipping 1 triangle to complete this cloak

From the above diagram, the piece marked with an orange sun is flipped and the reverse used to make up the cloak if total number of pieces is not in multiple of 4's.  Choose the opening to be on the straight grain; red  green for example.

Weakness of Method:
None of the pieces are balanced weight-wise as in an isosceles triangle. Therefore, the drape will not be very good.

Advantage of Method:
Lesser number of pieces to sew compared to the isosceles triangle and the trapezoid method.